MemberHub Review – Why All The Pros Use It?

It’s not hard to understand why MemberHub is such a big online hit. After all, it makes creating professionally looking and functioning membership sites in minutes. So no wonder why pros like Jimmy Kim, Gus Sevilla and Delilah Taylor all praise MemberHub. However, how can YOU leverage that for yourself and your income?

Creators: Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani
Official Site:

Why Every Great Website is a Membership Site

memberhub.ioWhen starting online most people will try to create a website, blog or maybe do some posts on forums. After that you gather subscribers (emails) and try to monetize it with affiliate marketing, paid advertising or your own products.

Sound familiar? What if I told you can do the same exact thing and make 10 to 20 times more by starting a membership site instead of just a blog. Just look at, a membership website about content marketing by Brian Clark, which turned into 7 million company. Or,  subscription based site that gets estimated 160,000 visitors per month.

However, these are only two examples of membership sites created by individuals, and not big corporations, in the online marketing niche. Sites that you would be able to create yourself with Memberhub.

Now think of all the other membership sites you use for shopping, socializing, information, pictures, videos and etc. Are you seeing the pattern? All of the top sites in the world are in fact membership sites. This is because a user or a member is very valuable.

You see, unlike visitors, subscribers or even leads, members constantly visiting your site as will and actively reading/watching what you put out. This creates trust, authority and loyalty between you and your members. In result they gladly buy higher memberships, services or products you put out. Making online marketing more ethical, pleasureable, and most importantly profitable.

Best part? Starting today you can do all of that and more with just one platform, Memberhub.

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Inside The MemberHub by Chad Nicely


Here’s what you get with MembersHub

  • 15 Custom Designed Themes – pro themes that are a great base for your site
  • Build In Custom Editor – change colors, edit images, all at your findertips
  • Easy Module Creation – add text or video and let MH do the rest
  • Create Levels and packaged – creating different membership  for your members now takes a minute or two
  • Automatic Sales Pages – Memberhub creates the sales page based on your input
  • Gamification – automatically assign badges or rewards to members for completing tasks or challenges. Great way to keep them engaged.
  • Integration with payments processors – use PayPal, stride and etc.
  • Integration with Autoreponders – integrates with all the major ones
  • Automated License E-mail – no need to approve or manage members manually
  • Drip Feed – you can drip feed content so members don’t get all of it in one day
  • Cloud Hosted – all membership sites are hosted on a cloud network so you don’t have to worry about site being slow or non accessible.
  • Domain Redirection – integrate your site with other website flawlessly
  • Custom Forms – create forms for free membership and much more
  • Add comments box to courses – very helpful feature where you can get feedback from member on each module/lesson.
  • Announcements (Ad Tickers) – send alerts and messages to members based on the membership or module they are on.
  • Built- in video and audio player – allows your members to play videos based on how much they watched and even records the time for notes.
  • 3rd Party integration – in my opinion it has everything you need but Membershub still  integrates with pretty much any hosting, software or webinar tool out there so you don’t have to worry.

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 member hub bonusFast Start | MemberHub Bonus

Now that you know why every great website is a membership site and how to create them in as little as 30 minutes with membershub, I want to help you make it happen today. As my bonus I’m offering case studies on 12 successful membership sites (including copy blogger and online marketing institute) and my personal help on getting stated,

This will not only allow you to start you membership site faster but also build it on a solid foundation of other successful sites. So will you can focus on earning money instead of wasting it and time.

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